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tall fellow, open-minded, he loved having fun.
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- Nothing really.
Com-batt started yelling at the grunts:
close one.
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should be under way at about 9.
handset, calling onto the 1st Battalion's Road Post and our APCs.
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Everyone knew well, that those inside armoured carriers would
- I yelled into the hatch.
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I'm probably no better.
an opportunity to speak up.
Com-brig hadn't barked:
The owner and his gang fought for it with ferocity.
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Another example would be
unlikely that he would come out and say it to my face.
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openly debate orders of our superiors.
on his chest.
sent home.
I calmly watched this murder.
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That's all.
Especially difficult to work with are the
like Jesus.
All of us: the grunts and myself read it well.

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Well, now it'll chop them up like
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meat kasha containers.
Railway Station's basement.
commander and a person: giant.
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Shmel, same
- Don't you know already? Glue, Semeon, Americanets and the others
Again, the heat of the battle consumed me.
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own grunts.
The face definitely
as Muha, is just a pipe.
He must've understood his lapse, mumbled
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- Kozaks arrived, asking to let them fight.
of Semeonov, then turned around and wandered off to my truck.
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- Got on to his BRDM, said that he was called in and left.
sniper after all.
Otherwise addicts and marauders would bag them anyway.

But having no luck there as yet, just free sex movies

Private Gusarov - recon company and private Larionov - communication
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Just in case, -
your hallucinations.
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Any suggestions from the lower
It's a pity though, the calibre is 5.
Out of the clear blue sky the grunts exploded.
It's warmer in there.
- Who did this?! You sons of bitches! - I'll leave out the rest of the
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I wasn't worried for my grunts.
It's true though you'd be
read on their tight-lipped faces.
from raising their heads.
The second grunt kneels near one of the bodies, unbuttons his coat and flank
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He is in the sickbay now.
An officer, who knew about, maybe only parts of, but still,

On the other hand, there is an every soldier's personal launcher free sex movies

blood in my mouth is unbearable and temples are pounding heavily.
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Thirty-three chopped lives.
Chief of Staff, - the Moscow rep just left.
and yellow slime - consequence of my many years of smoking.
Although the rounds' stability suffered greatly and the bullet did
A bit loud at times, but you get used to it in time.
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All this sped through my mind in a few seconds.
IDs, - them too I got off the dead spook.
phrase, he might've lived a little longer.
Although occupied by these thoughts, I didn't forget to constantly look
keep silent, he is a goner.
But God deals spoils and losses equally for
Did they plan to encircle us?
responsibility for them rested heavily on shoulders of those riding atop of

At the meeting, every officer knew his spot free sex movies

chased the alcohol with refection, sipped condensed milk right out of its
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Did you pick up
burnt and mangled hulks of armour and strewn with dead bodies.
their bellies I would twitch with my bayonet, looking in their wide-open
can be fired straight into the target or launch in an overhead trajectory.
through his legs, so that he wouldn't crawl out of the killing zone and then
Every morning, if it was possible to catch any sleep at all at night,
With time, through the system of codes and passwords,
Not much could be seen in the settling dark, except a few blurred
Pavlovich, born 1975.
- What did the sniper have on him? - I asked.

to the Central Post of our brigade's the first battalion free sex movies

right: in his time, Kleimeonov would've being dangling off the tree by now.

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